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What People Are Saying.

“What is prayer for? It’s hard to know. If nothing else it is a repository of desire. These prayers of Micah Bucey’s are prayers for. They’re for space; and breath; and hope and justice. They’re for justice, revelation, art, delight, spontaneity, and repentance. They’re for confession and contribution. They’re small—tiny, he calls them—and he knows they’re not going to change the world, but he prays for a changed world anyway.”

— from the Foreword by Pádraig Ó Tuama, Author, In The Shelter: Finding A Home In The Worldand Host, Poetry Unbound

“True leaders emerge during the most troubling of times, and Micah Bucey is unquestionably one of them. During a year of epic uncertainty and unrest, I forwarded his tiny prayers to friends of many faiths...and to those who profess none at all. What spoke to each of us was the clear-eyed truth-telling and audacious hope—a reminder that, no matter how dire things get, there's comfort in the fact that we belong to one another. The Book of Tiny Prayer points to why prayer is a revolutionary act, even (dare I say especially) if we aren't quite sure who we're praying to or what we're praying for.”

— Barbara Becker, Author, Heartwood: The Art of Living with the End in Mind

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The Book Of Tiny Prayer is an earnest and hopeful offering to everyone who has struggled in the past two years. It encourages you to believe in magic and wonder because, after this pandemic, why not? I'm grateful to Micah Bucey for being brave enough to pay attention to the aching of his heart—and encouraging us to do the same.

— Jillian Richardson, Founder, The Joy List, and AuthorUn-Lonely Planet

“Pithy, prophetic, and practical…these prayers are a call to collectively see and create the divine in the face of the other…Those seeking guided reflections on the daily realities of life will find this book trustworthy, honest, and inspiring.”

— Dr. Robert J. Rivera, Associate Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, St. John’s University

“An intimate chronicle of events both personal and public…Micah is a poet and a prophetic preacher. Many of his turns of phrase are lovely, funny, and psychologically and politically astute…I suspect that those reading this in years to come will be deeply grateful for a window into what it was like—that is so wise, pithy, and full of grace.”

— The Reverend Elizabeth G. Maxwell, Rector, The Church of the Ascension

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