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About Me.

Be the glitter you wish to see in the world.

I'm a passionately progressive faith leader, a flaming fairy, and an enthusiastic fan who writes, speaks, and extravagantly celebrates the intersections between expansive spirituality, radical social justice, and unfettered creativity. I currently serve as Minister at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, I’m a regular contributor to Spirituality & Practice, and my latest collection, The Book of Tiny Prayer, is available from Fordham University Press.


My queer agenda is to nurture curiosity and artistry in everyone, to embrace artists as modern day prophets, and to make artists out of people who would never call themselves artists. I love crafting prayers and rituals that inspire others to mine the spiritual sustenance in everything they encounter. 


While I am ordained in the Christian tradition, my imagination is most activated by an interspiritual approach that celebrates the diverse ways that divinity manifests in everything and in everyone. I prefer questions over answers, weird over normal, authentic over perfect, and funny over formal. I care deeply about healing souls and spirits that have been hurt by those who use religion as an excuse to shame, damage, and dismiss. 


I love (biodegradable) glitter because it gets my palms messy and reminds me that the work of spirituality, art, and justice is not a clean, pretty process, but a sticky, gritty one. I believe the revolutionary roots of Christianity are inherently queer and I paint my nails to declare my commitment to continually queering myself. I aim to embody the Gospel imperative to act justly, to love fiercely, and to move fabulously through the world.

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Photo by Taylor Bailey

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