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Press for
The Book of Tiny Prayer

Press Contact

If you would like to receive a review copy of The Book of Tiny Prayer, arrange for a virtual talk, or schedule an interview with me, please contact Kate O’Brien-Nicholson at Fordham University Press.


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Other Press

“‘Art can be prophetic. Art can be useless. Art can be sacred. Art can be irreverent. Art can be cheap. Art can be enough.’ The heart of the Arts Wednesdays program is associate minister Micah Bucey, who encourages theater, storytelling, and music with what he calls a ‘theology of curiosity.’”

Lil Copan, The Christian Century

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“I meditate and I pray not because I think it's affecting some god out there,” [Micah Bucey] says. “I meditate and pray because I know it will have an effect on me. It gives me a reminder that I have the tools to deal with that anxiety, to deal with that fear, in different ways.”

Sara Harrison, Wired Magazine

“Armed with his mantra of “glitter as ministry,” Micah Bucey, Associate Pastor at Judson, has reinvented much of the implementation of Judson’s progressive social activism by exploring performance art’s potential for community building and social justice.”

John Michael DiResta, The Brooklyn Rail

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“Micah sees deep connection between his passion for spirituality, his passion for creativity, and his passion for justice, and he therefore seeks out and specifically champions the creative output of historically underrepresented groups, believing that historically marginalized voices have the most potently prophetic power to change the world through art, showing us where we’ve been, who we are, and what we can become.”

Emily Hartford, Flux Theater Ensemble

“Micah considers artists to be modern day prophets and this dance venue is certainly allowing them to express thoughts and feelings in a completely free atmosphere…”

Dawn Lille, Art Times

“‘... the faith that I try to embody calls me to welcome the stranger, calls me to welcome migrants and immigrants through any door I’m able to open,’ [Bucey] responds, ‘I don’t know that I know how to be a minister unless I’m doing that.’”

Rev. Benjamin Perry, Union Theological Seminary

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