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See What’s on the Horizon.

Glittery gabfests, spirited sermons, and other extravagant celebrations

Micah wearing a grey suit with striped bowtie, looking over his shoulder

Photo by Taylor Bailey

I'm Micah.

I'm a passionately progressive faith leader, a flaming fairy, and an enthusiastic fan who writes, speaks, and extravagantly celebrates the intersections between expansive spirituality, radical social justice, and unfettered creativity.

As Featured In:

My Latest Project.

The Book of Tiny Prayer: 

Daily Meditations From The Plague Year

by Micah Bucey
Foreword by Pádraig Ó Tuama
transparent pink illustrated amorphous shape

“Just as one tiny speck of glitter lights up an entire face, each of these radiant tiny prayers sparkles with huge hope.”

— Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie,

Founding Spiritual Leader, Lab/Shul

Available November 2, 2021

Product image of The Book of Tiny Prayer by Micah Bucey, on black tabletop

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